Crop tops & Confidence

How do you feel about crop tops? There was a time when you wouldn’t catch me in a crop. What if someone saw me?!?! But at some point in your body positivity journey, you just start to love your body and feel good in your skin. And it doesn’t matter! ⁣

Can I pick out things that I wish were different about my body? Yes, absolutely. But despite that, I can choose to love my body and give it the care and respect it deserves, regardless of what it looks like or what I’m wearing. ⁣

I think I look adorable. Maybe because I always wanted to wear the cute crop tops and never allowed myself to, but now I realize life is too short to allow other people’s potential reaction to dictate what I wear. I know I’m not perfect. But I am perfectly imperfect, just like you. ⁣

Perfectly Imperfect Yogi

I spent a lot of years hating my body before I realized that life is so much better when you learn to love yourself. Read more about me and my journey here.


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