This morning, I taught my first Instagram live yoga class. My friends over at Yoga Club (@yogaclubbox) invited me to teach on their account (which has over 74,000 followers 😳) and oh boy, was I nervous. ⁣

If you missed it, here’s a recap…⁣
♥ I fought with Google Home over music volume⁣
♥ I was super awkward⁣
♥ I involuntarily cried⁣
♥ my dog interrupted and licked my face a bunch in child’s pose⁣
♥ I was so nervous I ended up dripping in sweat ⁣

But none of that matters because my heart is full. I know from the comments that…⁣
♥ someone from Italy joined⁣
♥ it was one person’s first time ever doing yoga⁣
♥ someone thanked me for being vulnerable⁣
♥ so many people sent kind emojis ❤️😍😘🔥💪🏻⁣

It wasn’t perfect, but that’s ok. It was perfectly imperfect, just like you and me.⁣

Perfectly Imperfect Yogi

I spent a lot of years hating my body before I realized that life is so much better when you learn to love yourself. Read more about me and my journey here.


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