Give the gift of yoga (pants)

I can’t help it— I’ve been getting YogaClub boxes for over a year and every time I see that beautiful pink box waiting at my door, I squeal like a kid on Christmas morning.

I’m not sure if you realize this, but Christmas is coming up, and fast.

 I always find that the holidays seem so far away during the summer, but then I blink and they’re basically here and I’m completely not ready.

If you’re in the same position as me, with gift giving events looming and no gifts purchased, take the easy route… give the gift of YogaClub.

YogaClub doesn’t have gift certificates of a set monetary value the way traditional gift certificates work. Instead, you get to send someone an actual YogaClub box!

It’s so quick and easy. Head on over to the “Buy a Gift” page on their website and enter your name and email, plus the name and email of your gift recipient. Choose whether you want to send a box with 1 pair of leggings, a 2-piece outfit, or a 3-piece outfit. 

Your gift recipient will be notified by email and prompted to take the style quiz, but here’s the genius part— you get to choose what day they receive the email. It’s like scheduling gift giving! Talk about being organized.

Giving the gift of a YogaClub box is a one time purchase— the recipient doesn’t have to sign up for a recurring membership and nothing auto-renews. The YogaClub gift box is only available in Canada and the USA.

Right now, I’m in Christmas present mode, but this is also perfect for birthday gifts! Regardless of what winter holiday you celebrate, the yogi in your life will love the surprise of getting your gift email and then a second surprise when their box arrives in the mail. It’s like two presents in one!

To celebrate the awesomeness that is the YogaClub gift box, I’m teaming up with YogaClub. If you’d like to win a YogaClub gift box (that’s a three piece outfit you can choose to gift or keep), head on over to my Instagram page and enter our giveaway! Look for this picture – entries accepted from Dec 6-15, 2019.

If you plan to give the gift of YogaClub this holiday season, make sure to use coupon code TRIBE10 to get $10 off your gift box purchase.

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