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This post is for everyone who’s interested in ordering a YogaClub box but not sure if the quality will be worth it for the price. Instead of just reviewing a new box, today you’re getting two reviews for the price of one – the photos and initial thoughts from my unboxing in March (which I totally intended to post then, but completely forgot to), and a six-month-later follow up review. 

Back in March, I opened a new YogaClub box while I happened to be hanging out with a photographer for a different project, so she took some lovely pictures of the yoga clothes and me wearing my new outfit. The pieces that came in this box are:

  • Vie Active Rockell legging in blue ombre leopard, size XL
  • Onzie Chic Bra in blush, size XL
  • Vie Active Alia long sleeve twist top in black, size XL

Upon opening the box, I immediately saw the leopard yoga pants and thought, “Ohmygoodness. I’m so excited to see these on.” And believe me, these pants did not disappoint. They are so fun, and so comfortable, straight out of the box. When I tried on the bra, I was disappointed that it didn’t really fit me properly. I’ve got a lot of chest to contain in a sports bra, and I received this box back before YogaClub offered plus size activewear, so I was still receiving XL bras. I’ve updated my box since then and now get bras in the 1X size. The yoga top is a great cover-up with a fun open twist back. Long sleeve but not too heavy, it’s easy to throw on anytime and because it’s black it pretty much goes with everything.

So there I was, in a photo studio, in my brand new yoga outfit. Clearly, the only thing to do was to start doing yoga. Let’s put these clothes to the test! I found that it didn’t matter which way I turned, twisted or moved, these yoga leggings kept all my bits in. It felt great to not have to think about whether the pants would roll down in forward fold and then I’d have to roll them back up before flowing to my next pose. It’s so annoying when that happens and these pants didn’t move an inch. If I wasn’t mid-yoga pose, I would have broken out into a happy dance right then.

Now, let’s fast forward six months…

I wear these leggings all the time. Like, probably twice a week. I own a LOT of yoga pants, and this pair is one of my go-to comfort pants. I wear them to yoga. I wear them to the gym. I wear them to massage in, and I wore them all over Europe. I am not gentle on these pants. The only babying that I do is that when I do laundry, I hang my pants to dry. But really, the fabric is still in great condition. The stitching and seams are holding up perfectly. Vie Active is one of my favourite yoga brands that YogaClub offers in the boxes – the quality is amazing and they just get how I want my clothes to fit. Oh, and how could I forget to mention – dog hair doesn’t stick to these yoga pants!! For someone like me who has a dog and whose family members all have dogs, the no-dog-hair thing is a pretty big deal.

The sports bra? Well, it’s still in my dresser, unworn. I really like it, so I haven’t gotten rid of it, but it just doesn’t fit me right now. One day if my boobs shrink, I’m sure I’ll love it, because I’m a big fan of the Onzie brand.

The long sleeve shirt is in my weekly rotation and it came on my European adventure. Honestly, my temperature can fluctuate a lot, and I can go from yoga in just a sports bra to feeling the chill, so I love to throw on this cute crop top over my sports bra. It’s open at the back so it also shows off whichever cute bra I happen to have on that day… really, going to the gym is all about the adorable outfit, right?? 

The Verdict

For me, this box was a huge success. I’ve also received the Rockell leopard ombre leggings in another colour, and they’re just as amazing. I love these pants. I can tell that they’re going to last, and the leopard design just makes me smile every time I put them on. I want them in every colour and pattern. 

So if you’re thinking that the YogaClub gear is cheap quality and just a trendy thing that is fun to order and wear for a bit and then be done with- you’re wrong. These yoga clothes last. I’m so happy with the quality of these activewear pieces. Affordable, adorable, insanely comfortable and great quality – honestly, I couldn’t ask for anything more!

If you’ve never tried a YogaClub subscription, use the code “Perfect” to get a three-piece outfit for $59 per month (regular price is $79, but this code will lock in the $59 for future boxes too!). The full price value of this box was $200 ($92 leggings, $48 bra, $60 top), so $59 is like getting over 70% off!!

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