What I packed for… Yoga in Europe

If you follow me on any social media, it should come as no surprise that I recently spent a month in Europe. In order to avoid baggage fees, and because I was traveling around a lot, I had decided to only bring one large carry on. No checked bags. No actual luggage. One big ol’ backpack. For a yoga-clothing-obsessed notorious over-packer, this was quite a challenge!

The whole reason for my trip was to spend time at a yoga retreat in Italy. The extra weeks were just bonus travelling time seeing family and friends and exploring the world, from the British countryside to the south of France, but that meant I had to pack a huge variety of clothes. My time in the UK was cool and rainy. France was lots of lounging on boats and beaches. Italy was a lovely time of yoga and rest. Everywhere was hiking and exploring. If I was taking more luggage, I would have brought every pair of yoga pants I own, but alas, that one backpack meant I had to whittle the wardrobe down significantly.

In the end, I brought a fair amount of YogaClub gear- 5 pairs of yoga leggings, 6 yoga sports bras, and 3 yoga tops. Yes, more bras than shirts, but I knew it was going to be hot and I’m pretty comfortable in my sports bras these days- in fact, I struggled to find good pictures in any of the shirts!

If you want to know more about why I love YogaClub, check out some of my other blog posts. There are so many reasons, and I just don’t have room to list them again here. Instead, I want to talk about what YogaClub items made the cut and came with me on my European adventure.

What better way to tell you than to show you!

Location: Path of the Gods, Positano, Italy
Pants: Onzie, Constellation High Rise Leggings
Bra: Vie Active, Kimberley Longline Bralette in black
Notes: Somehow it seemed fitting to wear the constellation pants on the Path of the Gods hike. I really love the pattern on these yoga pants, which is odd because I am not usually a patterned pants type of gal, but I just love the stars and moons and galaxy print. Other than that, these pants were an awesome choice because they’re super comfortable, and you want to be super comfortable when you’re basically climbing a mountain.
Location: Col de Vence, France
Pants: Vie Active, Lili full length leggings in black
Bra: Vie Active, Gabriella racerback in black
Notes: I had to bring a pair of classic black leggings, because they go with everything, all the time. Paired with my favourite Vie Active sports bra, this outfit was great for wandering the wrong direction for an hour and then finding a waterfall. It was just as great when we were wandering the right direction too. Lol. Both of these pieces are just so easy to wear!
Location: Sestri Levante, Italy
Pants: Vie Active Rockell leggings, navy blue leopard ombre
Bra: Vie Active, Gabriella racerback in blue
Notes: This photo was taken on the first day of my yoga retreat. I was feeling comfortable, and bold enough to wear blue ombre leopard print yoga pants. I love that this design is fun and wild, but not too crazy… They made the cut to come on the trip because of their personality!
Location: Valle delle Ferriere, Amalfi Coast, Italy
Pants: Niyama Sol, Slate Stripe Barefoot Legging
Bra: Vie Active, Gabriella racerback in cherry blossom
Shirt: Chaser, tank top in white
Notes: These pants were brand new (I opened the Yoga Club box they came in three days before leaving) and I knew they had to make the trip with me. They are SO SOFT. Buttery. Smooth. I want those pants in eight million colours, please and thank you. They were also very comfortable for yoga, hiking, plane rides, and anything else you could think to do in pants.
Location: Saint Paul de Vence, France
Pants: Vie Active Rockell white ombre leggings, white leopard
Bra: Vie Active, Gabriella racerback in blush
Notes: The blue version of these pants are fun but not too wild. These white ombre leopard print leggings are bold. There is no hiding in these pants. They seriously stand out. They are, without a doubt, one of my favourite pairs of pants. With an awesome high waist, these yoga leggings hold you in just right but are still ridiculously comfortable. The quality is top notch. Vie Active knows how to make leggings, and I brought these along on my trip for the days when I was feeling particularly sassy.

All in all, I wore every item of YogaClub clothing that I brought with me, and I was so pleased I had packed them all. Their yoga gear is always so comfortable, and the quality is so great that I never had any concerns wearing any of it on my trip. For someone who loves and wears yoga clothing as much as I do, it’s a no brainer to get the YogaClub box every month. And as an added bonus – because I was away for four weeks, a new box was waiting for me when I got home! Score!

If you’ve never signed up for a YogaClub subscription before and you’re interested in giving it a try, use code Perfect to get a three-piece outfit (normally $79) for $59 USD – and that price is locked in for all your future boxes too!

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