YogaClub plus size box review!

Here it is! YogaClub launched plus size yoga clothing in their boxes in mid-July. This curvy girl was very excited to see a yoga clothing subscription box for plus size in person. To see the unboxing and try-on as it happened, check out the video at the end of this post.

Here’s the backstory: In case you don’t know me, I’m Jamie and I’ve been a wide variety of sizes throughout my life. I’ve been losing some weight lately thanks to healthy eating, lots of yoga and working out. I’m currently wavering around a XL/1x size in most stores. I heard about YogaClub over a year ago, when XL was their largest size. Honestly, I was probably a 2x then, but that didn’t stop me from ordering the biggest box they had, and praying things would fit.

In the past year, the vast majority of yoga leggings have fit me, and most have been insanely wonderful. Most shirts fit, though the style/cut definitely impacted which ones were comfortable and which were very snug. Bras… well, bras are a different story for me in general. I’ve got a lot to support and to be completely truthful, a lot of the XL sports bras I’ve gotten didn’t have enough support for my ladies, and sometimes not enough coverage. That being said, I have also gotten some amazing Vie Active sports bras that I could wear every single day. They’re perfection. Even though some items didn’t fit me (which I clearly knew could happen since I was 1x-2x size and ordering XL clothes), I love the YogaClub boxes and have continued to order them.

So, let’s get back to that plus size YogaClub box.

yoga clothes folded inside a yoga club boxA friend of mine ordered the 1x box shortly after they launched plus size activewear, and she knows how much I love YogaClub, so she kindly offered to let me unbox and try on her plus size yoga clothing before she even looked at them. For reference, in her style quiz, my friend chose solid neutrals as her favourite, and solid brights as ok, but said thumbs down to patterns and wild colours. She swears she’s not boring, but prefers the term classic. Here’s what she got:

Jamie in a sports bra and leggings, holding a shirtThe Leggings: Vie Active, Lili ¾ legging, black colour, size: 1x (no black on website at time of publishing this blog)

I love the shorter length. I love the fabric – it’s light and soft and so comfortable. And I love the pockets! There’s a lot of stretch in these yoga pants, and I prefer the fit of the XL leggings that I’ve been getting. I know a lot of clothing stuff is personal preference, but I like my pants to be quite snug.

image of the intricate back straps of a sports braThe Sports Bra: Vie Active, Lola bra, black, size: 1x 

Yep. My ladies like the 1x better than the XL. The beauty of YogaClub is that I can go back into my account and update my size preferences, so I can continue to get XL pants while also getting a 1x bra. Perfect! And I love the straps on this bra – so pretty.

The Top: Vie Active, Ceci Crepe Tank, Jewel colour, size: 1x (not on website at time of publishing this blog)

This is a gorgeous purple colour. I own this shirt in XL, and to me, they both fit just fine. This is a flowy style, so the XL is forgiving and the 1x drapes nicely also. 

Love. It.

I’m so happy that the styles and quality of the plus size yoga clothing are the same great quality I’ve come to expect with YogaClub. I love that I can go into my account and adjust the sizes I want, based on my body shape, so that I can continue to get XL yoga pants but size up to 1x in bras.

yoga clothing next to yoga club boxIf you purchased all of these items separately, it would cost you $194USD (regular price is $88 leggings, $58 bra, $48 tank). The three-piece YogaClub box is less than half of that at $79, but it gets even better… If you’re interested in trying YogaClub, use the code Perfect to get a three-piece outfit for $20 off – you pay just $59 USD (that rate is locked in forever!)

If you want to watch the unboxing & try on video, check it out below…


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