yogi with YogaClub BoxI think it’s no secret that I love getting my YogaClub box in the mail. I think it’s also no secret that I have worn a wide variety of sizes in my life.

When I first started doing yoga, plus size yoga clothes were not readily available, and I showed up to my first ever class in old pink sweatpants. I was probably the biggest person in a lot of classes I attended. At the time, I was pretty concerned about my weight negatively affecting people’s judgment of me. And looking back, the fact that there weren’t yoga clothing options that fit me felt like subliminal messaging telling me that I was too big to do yoga or to be accepted in the yoga community.

I am so glad that I didn’t give up on yoga because I was concerned about my size. Because yoga definitely helped me learn self love, self acceptance, and self worth. I still care about other people, but I don’t care about their opinions of me. I know that I am strong and beautiful, and I am exactly who I am meant to be right now. The best part is that as I was learning to embrace myself; the yoga community was also learning to embrace people of all sizes.

woman in tree poseWhile there are plenty of yoga classes (mine included) encouraging people of all shapes and sizes to attend, it’s taken the yoga clothing brands a little longer to catch up. And honestly, a decade ago, I wouldn’t have been comfortable in skin tight leggings and sports bras because I wasn’t comfortable in my own skin. I felt like it was a piece of required equipment that I couldn’t have and certainly wouldn’t look fabulous in, like those yogis in magazines. But now that I have a new confidence in myself, I have a new obsession with yoga wear. It’s SO comfortable and is the first thing I grab every morning. If I could live in yoga pants, I would.

Scratch that. I pretty much live in yoga pants.

woman doing yogaI discovered YogaClub back when I was still very much a plus size, and I immediately loved the concept. At the time, YogaClub did not offer any plus size yoga clothes, but I was so excited to help feed my yoga pant obsession, I signed up for the XL box. Every month when that pink box arrived I would say a little internal prayer (“I hope that it fits. Please let it fit!”). And while I received some items that didn’t fit me at the time, I got so many pieces that I love. (Side note – yes, I could have returned the items that didn’t fit, but I didn’t do that. Honestly, I felt like I had chosen to gamble with my purchase and c’est la vie- it will fit one day!). So yes, I loved my surprise yoga gear so much that I squeezed myself into XL size leggings even when they were a bit too snug. Thank goodness for stretchy material! Even with that stretch, there were times that I could hear the threads breaking as I moved in yoga. But, I was so determined to own the pretty yoga pants and get my YogaClub box! Now, all of that is in the past since YogaClub has officially made their subscription service inclusive by offering plus size clothing boxes!

yogi with YogaClub boxThat’s right! I am SO EXCITED that YogaClub recently announced that they are now offering plus size yoga wear! They now provide sizes from XS – 3X. Yay!!!!! 3X!!!!! I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again: we all deserve to feel stylish and cute and comfy without questioning whether or not we’re going to fit into clothes. YogaClub does a great job putting together full outfits that look amazing together but are easy to mix and match with other pieces to fit into your yoga wardrobe rotation. Or even your going out wardrobe rotation… yes, I love yoga leggings so much that I’ve been known to add a different sweater and a pair of heels and go out for the evening.

If you are plus sized and thinking about starting yoga, you can no longer use a lack of clothing options as an excuse not to start! Or if you just love the look of yoga gear, get a YogaClub box and maybe the awesome outfit will inspire you to try yoga. I cannot wait to see gorgeous women of all sizes rocking their YogaClub clothing.

YogaClub is so awesome they reached out to me to offer my readers a discount code on your YogaClub Box! If you sign up with this link, you will get $20 USD off your boxes for life

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