A little more on self love…

I talk a lot about self love. And I really do believe that it’s incredibly important to love yourself as you are and accept yourself as you are. But, let’s be clear about something…

Loving yourself as you are doesn’t mean giving up and becoming complacent about your health.

It just means that when you decide to do something, you are doing it for yourself, not because of what any person (or “the world”) is saying you “should” be doing.
It means that when you choose to go to the gym, it’s because you want to be the strongest version of you. It means that when you choose healthy food for dinner, it’s because your body needs good nourishment. It means that when you have a cheeseburger occasionally, you don’t feel bad because it’s ok to treat yourself. It means that you can look at magazine covers without comparing yourself to airbrushed cover models. It means that in yoga class when the person next to you can bend further than you, you don’t feel bad because you know that it doesn’t matter because every body is different and life is not a competition.
Self love is making life choices based on being the happiest, healthiest, strongest version of you. Because you deserve the best!

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