I love myself – tummy and all

You know when you feel amazing and oh so confident, like, “yeah, that’s right – I know I look fabulous”? Well guess what… You do look fabulous!!
That’s how I was feeling during this photo shoot. I’ve been going to the gym and working on building muscle. The scale has been moving in a downwards direction. I’ve been embracing my body and the change it wants, instead of trying to force it to be something else. All contributors to why I’m feeling pretty fabulous.
So yay, I’m full of confidence and feeling great… and then I see a pictures and start judging. The voices in my head are saying, “oh no, you can’t post this” and “I can’t believe I thought I looked different”.

Judge judge judgey judge.

Hey. You!

Why do we do this to ourselves? Even when we know it’s not productive, our little hamsters just turn those wheels of self doubt and destructiveness.
Yes, I have a tummy. Yes, gravity isn’t the greatest in this position 😂. But look at me, holding this fabulous yoga pose. Feeling pride in myself. Loving my body. Choosing to move and stay healthy. Why do we tear this girl down?! Because my stomach isn’t flat?? Because I’m a real human with a real body?? Is that a real reason to judge someone?! We definitely need to reconsider this measuring stick and how much validity we really want to give it! Because I believe that body, with all it’s perfect imperfections, is amazing and strong and beautiful.

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