I am worthy now.

Worthiness. It’s interesting how your view of self worth can become so skewed, depending on the situation.
Some days I’m feeling so confident in my worth and what I deserve, and then something happens and that confidence unravels and leaves me questioning myself. I question if maybe I would be more worthy if I looked or acted differently. I start to wonder if something about me is lacking? And then comes the list making… in my head, I create lists of things that I could change that would for sure (in my opinion) raise my worthiness bar.

Right now, I can see that those thoughts are so wrong.

I am worthy now, and I am worthy during my self doubt, I just don’t see it right then. Because our hearts and brains are funny and so often we forget the truths that we actually do know already. Our confidence wavers as we are surrounded by that fog of self doubt. But if we try really hard, and surround ourselves with reminders of our worth, the time it takes to emerge from that fog can become less and less. Each time, our self love grows greater and our belief in ourselves grows stronger.
So if you’re surrounded by the fog of self doubt right now, please hear this voice telling you that you are loved. You deserve the absolute best. You are worthy.

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