Sports bras and bravery

At the end of class, one of my students said, ‘I was so hot in this class’, to which I responded, ‘why didn’t you take off your shirt?’
I too had been quite hot in class, so I had stripped off a layer and did class in my sports bra.
Her response to that was, ‘oh, I’m not that brave…’ On one hand, I totally understand because I have felt that way before, but on the other hand, I just wanted to open her mind (really everyone’s minds) to a world where that isn’t even a thought.

Imagine a world where we haven’t been conditioned to believe that you must look a certain way in order to be comfortable working out in a sports bra.

Like, how is that even a thing? When did we decide to go along with that way of thinking? And how are we just now starting to fight back and question it? Humans come in all shapes and sizes and I long for a world where we don’t worry about what other people think of us, and just embrace ourselves for who and what we are in each moment.

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