Let me overthink it…

Are you a thinker? A mulling-over kind of person? I am, big time.
I think it’s because I am so sensitive to other people’s emotions

It starts innocently enough.

I make a comment towards someone or do something. An everyday occurrence, for every human. But depending on the situation and the moment, I start to doubt my actions or words. And then I replay that moment on a loop in my head, wondering if I offended someone or hurt feelings. I hypothesize the multiple thought outcomes for that other person, even though there is really no way for me to know how they interpreted me.
Here’s the thing. 4 people can experience the same moment or hear the same message, and each persons interpretation of that moment will differ. Depending on upbringing, value system, perceived importance, and a million other factors.
I’ve gotten into a new habit- once my intuition/brain is done feeling it’s feels, if I still think it’s important enough to ask, I’ll go back to that person and check in with them. I’d rather clear the air quickly, and not let something turn into a bigger deal than it needs to be. Plus, it might be all in my head. Miscommunications happen. Assumptions happen. Why live in a world of unproductive overthinking? Those lines of communication with other people are so important, so keep them open!

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