Stop changing!

Why do any of us feel like we need to change or alter ourselves in order for someone to want us? Like we should be different to be worthy of someone’s love.
Have you ever met someone, fell for them and found out they didn’t feel the same way? It hurts… And if, up until that moment, you had a pretty wonderful opinion of yourself (like, “I freakin’ rock and am totally worthy of love… someone would be lucky to have me”) then when that rejection hits, all that self esteem takes a blow. You just might start to question everything. Why don’t they like me? What if I was like this? Or maybe if I changed that? There must be a way to convince this person to want me.

I’m here to tell you… STOP.

STOP questioning, STOP considering changing (unless it’s for you), STOP trying to mold yourself into something you’re not. Because even if you do turn into whatever this other person is looking for… it’s not really you, which means it’s probably not sustainable. There are things that make you uniquely, irreplaceably you. And there is truly nothing better than that. Don’t try to change that!
We all have doubts and those chemicals that get released in your brain after being rejected… boy, they are intense. But at the end of the day we all just need to remember: I am freakin’ fabulous and my own imperfectly perfect. And there is no reason to ever alter that.

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