How do you deal?

What do you do to feel good about you? When is the last time you slowed down enough to check in with your emotional health?

When things aren’t going great, I have both good and (I don’t want to say bad, but) less productive/helpful coping mechanisms.

When I’m in a less healthy mindset, my immediate knee jerk reaction is food or shopping. And I don’t mean, “pass the celery, please”. Think of food that shouldn’t even be called food because it doesn’t actually nourish you at all. And well, unnecessary shopping isn’t exactly good for the bank account.
But when I take the time to really process whatever emotion I’m feeling, whether it be happy, angry, frustrated, sad … I can move past those bandaid fixes. I find writing in a journal can be very helpful, giving every emotion a voice, so I hear it, rather than try and suppress it with those above fixes… and just an FYI, those fixes never truly fix anything.
If you haven’t already found something that works for you, I truly recommend considering trying to find out what works. It could be walking, meditation, exercising, and the list goes on.
I know the initial dive in can be a little scary, especially if there are feelings you are avoiding feeling; but I truly believe the pay off is worth diving in.

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