Getting stronger

Half Moon Pose. There is something so wonderful about our bodies, and how they mold and change as we alter our daily activities. I can remember a time when this pose didn’t come so easily to me, and now it feels like a second home.

I decided to bike to work this summer and it was rough at the beginning, but now that the huge haul up the hill doesn’t hurt like it used to. It may still take me just as long to pedal up the hill, but the decreased pain is a definite positive. I didn’t really even notice it happening – just one day I realized, “well, this is way easier than it was before”. I felt such a deep pride in myself for not giving up, even though hopping in the car would have been so much easier.

We have to remember that “Rome wasn’t build in a day”.

One day is not enough. It’s like eating healthy for one day and then being upset that you haven’t lost 5 pounds. Try committing to something for a month. Walking every day, going for a bike ride, doing your yoga practice… And don’t just do it, but push yourself a little. Instead of just sauntering along, pump those legs a little harder, or maybe choose a point in the distance and speed walk to it. Try the yoga pose you know you’ll probably fall out of. Do that 5 days a week and I promise in a month, or maybe even a week, you’ll start to notice a difference. You’ll start to see yourself getting stronger. And the great thing about feeling strong is that it’s a little bit addictive. Once you’re a bit stronger, you just want to keep building on it. So do it! Stick with it! Don’t give up, but don’t rush. Allow yourself the time to get there, and be patient with your body.

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