A better before.

OK. It’s about to get real here. Hello, vulnerability!! You ready?

I follow a lot of weight loss stories on Instagram. They are inspirational and encouraging, and so motivational. But the other thing that comes with these stories is the classic “Before and After” pictures, which of course are crazy impressive and exciting. The thing I wish was different is that before picture. In 95% of these pictures, the person is frowning and just looking so sad. Their posture is slumped and they seem defeated. I’m not trying to suggest that I know their personal stories, but I feel like the message that it sends is that the person in that before picture is sad, or not worthy of happiness. Then to prove my point, when you look at that after picture on the right, you see a smaller person with better hair and a giant smile. It may make your before and after even more impressive, but you know what – I’m not unhappy with my life. So in an effort to change the whole before/after picture thing, here is my fabulous hair, gorgeous lighting, exactly as I am. And you know, I intend for this to be a before picture, but I’d rather smile now than wait until later.

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