Work hard. Dream big.

I am a dreamer, a wanderer and a wild soul. I think the time we get here on earth is so short and I spent so much time thinking the wrong thoughts. Thinking that I couldn’t be the person I wanted to be. Thinking that I couldn’t chase my dreams until I looked a different way. Until I was thin. Thinking that the world would not accept or want me until I was a better version on the outside. Ugh. What a waste of so many years.

I am so damn grateful that I figured it out.

That I realized that this is my moment exactly as am, and how I’m perfect, even with all my imperfections. I believe that it came from a place of love, and probably fear of how the world would judge me, but I was taught that everything would be better when I was smaller, and I don’t think they realized what a horrible message they were teaching me. Truthfully, I heard it so much that I’m not exactly sure how I climbed out of that strange looking glass. I think I have my sister to thank for that one, because while my parents always talked about that wonderful future I would have “when you are thin”, my sister very bluntly would ask, “What if you never change? Are you going to wait until it’s too late and you just regret not doing it?” My beautiful baby sister, who always saw it so clearly, always saw me for who I really was, always unwavering in her belief that who I was in exactly that moment couldn’t be more perfect. I am so thankful for her, deeply thankful.

Don’t wait to go for your dreams. You have know idea what tomorrow will bring. The most you can guarantee is today – so DREAM BIG TODAY!!

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