Beauty is not flawless.

To be flawless… what does that even look like? Do you know anyone who is flawless? Because I definitely don’t. When I was a kid, our role models were Barbie and Disney princesses. Now as an adult, society tries to tell us that the women in magazines and ad campaigns are flawless. Studies have proven that if Barbie was a real human, she would not have been capable of walking upright. If the inability to walk isn’t a flaw, I don’t know what is. Pretty much every classic Disney princess is waiting for a man to rescue her. Hello, flaw! Those magazines? They are photo shopped. So, so, photo shopped.

I remember seeing a breakdown of a photoshopped image of a woman, and without thinking, my instinct was, “yeah, I prefer the photoshopped version”. Gasp! So horrible! Immediately, my brain screamed “what is wrong with you?!?” I stopped to put myself in her shoes. She was a gorgeous woman, hired for a modeling job, only to find out after that the company who paid her to be pretty didn’t think her photo was good enough without completely altering it. SO WRONG. And so awful for these magazines and marketing campaigns to create these unreal ideals for women and girls to aspire to. I know they’re not listening to me. But hey, you magazine people! You advertisers! Show us real women! We want real role models! We value people for what they are, not for what you think they should be!

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