Everything that exists also exists in opposite. With yin, we get yang. With beauty comes ugliness. Good creates evil, and so on. We live in a very yang world – we are constantly on the go, with information continuously being fed to us through tv, social media, work. The only time we really stop is at night, and often that isn’t for a very long period of time. Just like the balance seen in the yin/yang symbol, we need balance in our life.

We equally need to find yin, to balance our yang.

I recently got my Yin Yoga certification and am so excited to start teaching Yin classes. To help others find their stillness. To encourage my students to really be in the moment, and learn to love the quiet, simple practice. To guide people towards becoming more centered, balanced, and whole. Perfect for both beginners and more experienced yogis, if you’re a human, then Yin Yoga is for you.

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