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If you love working out but hate work out clothes, I’m your gal! Like all areas types of clothing, there have not always been super options for larger ladies, but slowly a variety of companies have started carrying gear for all sizes.

Today I’m going to share where this cute and functional outfit is from.

This shirt is from Joe Fresh. I enjoy sleeves on my workout shirts, and the slits in the back are just a little fun element that makes the shirt a wee bit cheeky. (Shop the shirt here)

These pants from IdealFit have some cute mesh detailing, but mainly I love them because they’ve got an awesome high waist (they claim they’re “squat proof”) and the colour makes me so happy! (Shop the pants here)

These runners are New Balance. I described my needs to a knowledgeable salesman and he recommended these ones. And you know what – I think he was right! They are super comfy and I’ll definitely get another pair once I wear through these ones. (Shop the newer version of my runners here)

I love my Fitbit during workouts. There is something so motivating about seeing what numbers you are burning. And man, have these ever come a long way in the looks department since the first versions! (Shop the Fitbit Versa here)

If you’ve got a favourite store for plus size work out gear, let me know! I’m always on the look out for more great options.

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