It’s Love! Roxy Love!

Ok Ladies!! Have you heard about the new Roxy Earle Collection at Le Chateau? If you haven’t then I just became your fairy godmother! Well, actually, Roxy’s our fairy godmother and I am more like your yellow brick road guiding you towards the light! Whether this is your first introduction to her clothing line or you’ve already jumped on the Roxy train and are standing next to me with pom poms, I bet you’re discovering the same big problem that I am. Yes, the biggest issue I have with this line… is that I want to order every single item. It’s a problem for my credit card, but damn, I’m gonna look fabulous. Plus, this is not a problem I run into very often as a plus size woman. But Roxy understands that there are women who want to be fun and feminine while still being classy and chic.

“My whole life I loved fashion but it never loved me back.” – Roxy Earle, Hello Magazine.

Oh, Roxy. You took the words right out of my mouth. In my early teens and through my twenties, fashion was a close second place for reasons I wanted to lose weight. It was only surpassed by not wanting to be unfairly judged by other people because of my size. But I just wanted to be able to shop in any store that I wanted to. I would go into stores with my friends and my heart just wanted to wear all the cute clothes, but they never fit me. To make matters worse, the stores that did carry clothes that fit me catered to an older crowd, and no teenager wants to be wearing the same clothes as sixty-year-olds. So, I would go to those fashionable stores and buy clothes with the hope that they would eventually fit me. All of this fed into the negative feelings that I had been taught to have about my weight, and therefore my associated self-worth. I’ve been told countless times that I should wait to buy clothes, because “you’ll lose the weight soon”. “People don’t want to hire people who are overweight”. The heartbreaking and so untrue, “you’re just a fat lazy pig”. Or the most recent, “I think your yoga will really take off once you lose the weight.” Ugh. Stab me in the heart, people. What I hear when people say those things is that I don’t deserve good things right now. But they’re wrong. I know they’re wrong. And Roxy knows they’re wrong. Roxy has made beautiful clothes that Le Chateau is carrying in sizes 0-22W. That’s right. The same outfit for a size 2 as a size 22. Because size doesn’t determine whether you’re worthy of a sassy red jumpsuit. And believe me, you’re worthy.

Me and this jumpsuit are going to paint a town or two red! Roxy Earle, you’ve hit it out of the park! If you ever need another model, I’m your girl. Regardless, you’ll find me rocking these gorgeous clothes!

If you want to check out the Roxy Earle Collection by Le Chateau (and trust me, you do), you’ll find it here. The full collection is available online, and I understand that most stores are carrying it but don’t always have the whole line. If you want to jump straight to this gorgeous red jumpsuit, it’s here. ❤️

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