Forget your phone

Do you remember life before your smart phone? Not your current smart phone. Smart phones in general. I know, I know, I’m assuming that you have a smart phone, and we’re not supposed to assume things. But a quick Google search on my smart phone tells me that two years ago, 76% of Canadians owned a smart phone. So I’m not crazy to assume that you have one…

I’m not going to preach at you about technology. I love my devices and they enable me to run my own business more efficiently. But here’s the thing.

We each need to find the thing that feeds our soul and grounds our feet, and remember to always make room for it in our lives.  

We need to find the things that make us want to put down our phones. The things bring us back into the present moment, so that we can truly engage in what is happening around us. I remember seeing a photo on social media recently and it showed a sea of people, all holding up their phones filming a famous person. But in the midst of the crowd, there was one little old lady just standing there and truly taking in the moment. Sometimes we get so worried about capturing a moment for social media or for posterity that we forget to be part of that moment now.

I’m not telling you to stop taking pictures. I take a ton. And I’m not telling you to turn off your phone. Mine is on right now! You do what works for you. But please, do more things that make you forget to check your phone. Engage in real life. In real conversations with real words with a real person who is really sitting in front of you. Me? I’m going to do more yoga. I’m going to try harder to put my phone away when I’m out with friends. I’m going to think less about how “instagram-able” something is and more about how it makes me feel. I’m going to watch a sunrise while walking down a gravel road, and not take a picture. What will you do?

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