I hate mental math.

Yesterday I was in a massage, and I was thinking about how I was 9 days into my no sugar challenge and how fabulous that was. And then a little thought came to mind…? I’m traveling across the country in just over two weeks to attend a friend’s wedding. I wonder if I will be done this challenge in time to eat the wedding cake? 

I should remind you that as a massage therapist I have quite a lot of personal quiet time to just think thoughts, have internal debates, and just ponder life in general.

So there I am in my massage thinking about cake… How lovely it would be to eat cake, what type of cake they might have at their wedding, and so on. It’s at this point that I try to start working out the mental math of when my 35 days of no sugar will be done. I’m confident that I’ll be able to have that cake on the 18th. Or at least second day cake on the 19th? (Yes, I realize that I am clearly still having sugar cravings ??)

I’m not a math person.

This mental math was not super quick or anything. So after I’ve added this and subtracted that and done the ‘30 days has September, April, June and November’ rhyme in my head, I come up with my answer. I have ended with a date of August 26th. What?! That’s 7 days past the wedding. I’m flying across the country to celebrate a wedding with no cake?!

It took me a day, but I have now come to accept that I will not have wedding cake. I moved quickly through the 5 stages of grief and have ended on acceptance. I did try and barter with myself, with the devil on my shoulder suggesting that a cheat hour on day 27 wouldn’t be the worst thing, but eventually I realized that this would not be my only opportunity ever to eat cake, and that it would feel better to stick with my challenge then not. 

My mental math ended in a mental battle, but I am seeing this no sugar thing through to the end. No easy out, despite how much I want the best of both worlds – to succeed at this challenge and still eat wedding cake… but that’s just not possible. So, no quitters mentality here. I will persevere! And I will win!

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