I remember when I started doing yoga and the teacher would say, ‘downward dog is a rest pose’. ? As a yoga newbie, it was most definitely not a rest pose for me. It was actually rather difficult. So in those already intense classes, the ‘rest’ pose was not a rest for me at all. The teacher would also say, “child’s pose is always available to you”. But in those first classes, there was no way I was going down into child’s pose. As if to admit I couldn’t do it, or it was too hard for me. Stubborn? Concerned with other people’s opinions? ??‍♀️

We all make up stories in our head about what something might say about us. Usually those stories reflect what we are most insecure about. I’ve been doing yoga for years now, and that stubbornness has passed – I will happily lower into child’s pose these days. If my body isn’t feeling a pose, I don’t force it anymore. I now have the wisdom to know that it doesn’t make me look weak or inadequate, but quite the opposite.

It shows I have the good sense to listen to my body and not my ego.

Going back to that downward dog pose and my early yoga days… I remember the class when it became a rest pose. I was like, ‘ah, I get it now!’ Like all of a sudden it became this nice, familiar place you call home. 

I remember how hard those first classes were when my body was building up strength in muscles I had never used, or maybe just never used the way I was attempting to use them. It wasn’t easy. Of course these things take time. If you’ve just started yoga or you’re thinking about it, or you started and gave up, keep trying. Give yourself permission to lower into a child’s pose when you need it. Know that your strength will build. And always honour your body, not your ego. 

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