As humans, it seems like we are programmed to want to walk and talk and dress like other people. We can be quick to judge someone who doesn’t fit into the mold of what we think is normal or safe. Similarly, we know other people will judge us if we seem too different, and most of us really do want to be liked, which feeds back into that desire to walk and talk and dress like other people.

But stop for a moment, and think about a garden of flowers. Have you even once looked at a garden full of blooms and thought, “oh, that orange one would be so much prettier if they just looked like that pink one.” No. We don’t think that because unless you’re a flower cross-breeder, it would be insane to think that one of those flowers is lesser than the other. We look at the colours and the shapes and we see the differences and instead of seeing flaws, we see life. They bring us joy. We can see the beauty in each one of them and their quirks.

I can’t ever imagine that a flower looks over at the flower beside it and longs to be like the other flower. Flowers don’t care about the other flowers. They stand tall and confident. They turn their beautiful flower faces towards the sun and bask in its glow.

So why then do we look to other people – a person on a magazine, in a movie or the popular ones at school or work – and wish we could only be like them? We daydream about how our life would somehow be better if we were like the other person. If we had their looks or brains or money. It’s all a giant lie, some weird message that got messed up somewhere along the phone train. Because you are you. All you can be is you! Even if you had their car or wardrobe or body, you would still be you, not them.

There will never be anything more beautiful than a person who embraces exactly who they are. 

Someone who doesn’t fight their own eccentricities. Someone who turns to the sun, stands tall, and smiles with pride. Embrace your differences, treasure them and share who you truly are. And hopefully, in doing that, you’ll inspire someone else to do the same.


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