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Is there something in your life that you know you should do more often, but you just don’t get around to as much as you want to? I feel like yoga is one of those things that we know is good for us, but we don’t always stop and take the time to get on our mats.

Life is so busy and there is always something that “needs” to get done. Most of the time, those “needs” don’t actually need to get done. But 9 times out of 10, those “needs” win out over us prioritizing personal time for ourselves. I always say that I should get better at doing my own yoga practice at home, and I fully intend to hit the mat every day, and then, well… life happens. It’s a good thing I teach yoga numerous times per week, otherwise I would definitely not get in as much yoga practice as I do.

The silly part is, I love everything about yoga. 

I love how I feel when I’m doing it. I love how I feel after class. I want to do yoga everyday. However, teaching yoga isn’t the same as attending a class where you can just move and flow on your mat. Because of course when I’m teaching yoga, I’m talking and making sure to watch and guide my students. And there is just something different about being grounded in your own body in your yoga practice. To me, yoga means truly blocking out the world, and is like my own moving meditation. 

There’s a quote that says, “you can’t pour from an empty cup”. We spend so much time doing things and worrying about things and rushing through our lives, and we don’t take enough time to refill our cups. For me, yoga is my self care. For other people, it’s other things. If you don’t know what your thing is, make it a priority to learn how to refocus your life and refill your cup. If you’re looking for suggestions, I’d recommend trying out a yoga class!

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