No Sugar Diaries, Day 1

I knew this was going to be hard. I like sugar… A LOT. I went to bed late last night, without preparing food for today, and I started work this morning at 7:30am (have I mentioned that I’m a massage therapist, as well as a yoga teacher?). Needless to say I chose staying in bed to get every minute of sleep that I could, rather than getting up early enough to figure out a sugar free breakfast. Mental note – research easy sugar free breakfasts! I feel like they often need to be cooked, which feels like a lot of work at 6:30am. In the past, I would have stopped to grab something quick from a pastry store or eaten a Cliff bar on my way to work. But the first thing you learn when you give up sugar is that IT’S IN EVERYTHING!!!

So, I didn’t eat anything for breakfast. I do not recommend this at all. However, in that early morning moment, it was really my only choice if I wanted to be on time for my first massage. In my very groggy state i had the hilarious/delirious thought, “I’m screwed. There is nothing I can eat. What am I going to do for 35 days?” Of course there are tons of whole foods that have no sugar added. I think that my initial thoughts clearly show how dependent I’ve become on foods with added sugar.

Anyways, I started my workday with four hours of massage. Again, not the best morning to skip breakfast and not bring lunch, but what are you going to do when it’s already done? Massage is an interesting profession. For the majority of your workday, you have nothing but quiet time to think. I made it approximately 30 minutes into my first massage before my mind went to, “I want sugar”. The mind game of knowing that today was day 1 of 35 days combined with my hunger took me to the dark place very quickly!

Luckily, I had chatty clients today, so I wasn’t alone with my thoughts for too many hours. But there was still enough personal time in my head for me, myself, and I to have an animated debate about whether or not I should just have the sugar. “It’s only day 1, I could really just start tomorrow.” “Who would even know?!” “Maybe we should choose a different thing to start my 35 for 35…” But each time, that strong voice of reason chimed in, reminding me that I am stronger than sugar. I can make my own choices and not let my sugar addiction rule my life!

I am stronger than sugar!

By the end of my last massage, me and my debating selves had settled our argument. We were not going to give in to the sugar cravings. No matter which day I chose to start, I knew this would be an uphill battle, especially at the beginning, and I am definitely not ready to start rolling back down the hill.

Bring on Day 2! ?

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