No sugar added…

So, did you hear last week when I said I was going to give up sugar for 35 days? Let’s talk more about that…

There is never a right day, a convenient day, or an easy day to give up sugar. It’s everywhere and it’s all the time. So you pretty much just have to pick a day and figure that it’s as good as any other day. My guess is that there is always going to be a trip, an event, a birthday, or a dinner out on your calendar. If not one of those, then feel free to insert your excuse (or rather, completely reasonable reason ?) here. I’ve had plenty of excuses myself… I mean, it’s July 21st and my birthday was the 6th, and somehow sugar is always linked to celebrating. 

There will always be a million reasons not to do something. You just need to find one to do it. 

So join me starting on Monday, July 23rd for 35 days of no processed sugar! I’ll write about and video diary the process on YouTube. 

Seriously, people. I love, love, love sugar. ? And I know it’s an issue for me. It’s my drug of choice, if you will. I can only imagine the things that are going to come up over these 35 days, but we’ll work through it. It takes 28 days to form a new habit so I’m hoping some of these stick. Do I want to give up sugar for life?Absolutely not. But not all sugar is great for us and there is that whole “everything in moderation”. ??‍♀️

Not all journeys are easy, but I find that we tend to get more out and grow the most from the more difficult path! 

So, painful or not, bring on the self growth?!

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