I don’t know about you, but I spent years attached to the number on my clothing. How silly is that!? Looking back, it’s crazy that a number stitched into a dress could affect how I felt about myself and how I looked at myself, and worse than that, it dictated whether or not I even purchased an item.

Growing up, my mom would always say, “you’re going to lose the weight, so why waste money on clothing now that won’t fit you soon”. Spoiler alert – while my weight has fluctuated up and down throughout my life, the majority of the time it has been more on the “up” side. Unfortunately, her attempt at being optimistic actually taught me (or at least what I took away from it) was that the “larger me” didn’t deserve new clothing. What’s worse is that I would spend actual money on too-small clothing, because “I was going to lose the weight soon”. Here’s the second spoiler alert – I never got to wear most of those items. My closet was full of fabulous new clothes that I could never actually fit into. Really, the only person who won in this situation was my sister, who was smaller than me and always had a large wardrobe to choose from.

Now, looking back, it’s kinda nuts to be concerned about a number.

I know that I could walk into four different stores and grab four shirts that all claim to be the same size, and each store and each shirt would fit differently. A large might fit like a small, or it could fit like a 2XL. So why do we give a little tag so much power??

Throughout my journey I’ve slowly learned that the number just honestly doesn’t matter. What matters is how we treat ourselves. This fabulous floral dress is a 2XL and I feel beautiful. I wouldn’t feel any more beautiful if it was a medium.

Don’t wait for a change to celebrate you.

You are worthy of everything, just as you are today.

The number doesn’t change who you are. So buy the dress. Take the vacation. Say yes to the date. Live for today and remember that you are enough.

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